How much light do succulents need?

Most succulents require either filtered sun most of the day or a least 1-2 hours of direct sun.

How much water does a succulent need?

It really depends on many things including: type of container, time of year, heat, etc. As a rule of thumb, less water is better. You need to make sure the soil drys out completely before re watering. Over watering can cause root rot to the plant.

How important is the soil I plant my succulent in?

It is very important! You want to make sure you have a fast draining mixture that is designed for succulents. If you don’t have access to one, you can modify a normal potting mix with an inorganic agent like perlite, to increase aeration and drainage.

Should I cut the flowers off on my succulents once they are done blooming?

Definitely, this will help promote new growth.

Can I take off the babies that have come from the mother plant and start new plants?

Yes, but make sure once you take off the baby you let it dry out for a couple days before planting. This helps the new plant root better.